We are constantly expanding our suite of APIs. Please see below the list of our Geo-Location APIs currently available. With our unique T-shirt size “all you can eat” subscription model, you can start using those APIs today in just a few clicks and keep your costs under control.

Geocoder API

Using GeoJunxion’s Digital Maps as a basis together with our GeoCoding technology, the Geocoder API has two options: the regular address to GPS coordinates function and the reverse look-up whereby GPS coordinates are translated to an address.


Administrative Boundaries API

Our Administrative Boundaries are accurate representations of the administrative levels within a country. These can be part of the solution for: geo-locating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace.

This API offers one option, the reverse look-up whereby the input or set of GPS coordinates can be translated into information regarding the administrative area to which the coordinates belong to.


Zip+4 USA  API

This API has two options, the regular address to GPS coordinates function and the reverse look-up where the input is a set of GPS coordinates which are then translated to an address.


Map Tile Server Services

GeoJunxion offers a Map Tile Server with GeoJunxion’s proprietary Maps, OpenStreetMap Data or Aerial/Satellite Imagery. The map tiles are generated from the GeoJunxion or OSM map database and are delivered via API request to end-users.

GeoJunxion uses a combination of methods to make this service very fast and efficient. The map service comes with on-demand tile rendering, often with smart-tiling, and custom styling. With smart tiling, all populated areas are pre-rendered to provide super-fast response to map requests.


Geo-Boundaries API

The GeoJunxion Geo-Boundaries API adds relevant information to a location, based on its numerical co-ordinates – usually the name or type of area. These areas can either be manmade (i.e industrial zones) or natural (i.e. forests or beaches). Our database records the geographic boundaries of administrative zones across the globe.


Time Zones API

The GeoJunxion Time Zones API provides Time Zone information and reflects the different zones around the globe that observe a uniform standard time based on their location on the surface of the earth. Using the API, you can request time zone information for a specific location, including daylight saving information. These zones have been implemented for legal, commercial, and social purposes.