GeoJunxion has put its 25+ years of mapping experience to deliver exceptional location intelligence to its customers. Creating and maintaining maps need complex skills such as for instance, the knowledge about a country’s administrative infrastructure or the postal address system, the administrative hierarchy or the official borders. Those are essential elements required to build a map. Over the years, we have enriched our database with a set of features that includes dozens of attributes for each road segment. Furthermore, we can supplement our own expertise with external sources either open or acquired. The quality of the data needs to be proofed and normalized before it is integrated into the location-aware database.

GeoJunxion is proud to have been offering this unique mapping knowledge to global tech companies around the world over the years.

Our Location Intelligence services range from:

  1. Global Source Search : Using our experience and know-how to find cost optimized location-aware content anywhere around the globe . This include evaluating, benchmarking and creating an extensive report of what is available within a specific market or region. During a recent project we have researched address sources in over 50 countries world wide.
  2. Geo-analytics and normalisation: utilizing our experience in evaluating and normalising sources for other map makers. A recent project included the management of more than 30 different sources of address data. We solved the location-puzzle and returned to our client,a tech company a normalised and consistent address database.
  3. Research, Data Collection and Consolidation: Using our content creation and maintenance experience of a global map database, we are able to work on customer specific location-content creation and distribution projects. A recent project involved researching all ferries’ routes for a specific country, verifying, creating and distributing that database of authoritative data. This extensive “turn-key” service can include the creation of trails, ferries, toll roads and many other location-aware content.

For more information about our Location Intelligence Services, contact us or +31(0)10 885 1200