GeoJunxion offers a Map Tile Server with GeoJunxion proprietary Maps, OpenStreetMap Data or Aerial/Satellite Imagery. The map tiles are generated from the GeoJunxion or OSM map database and are delivered via API request to end-users. GeoJunxion uses a combination of methods to make this service very fast and efficient. The map service comes with on-demand tile rendering, often with smart-iling, and custom styling. With smart tiling, all populated areas are pre-rendered to provide super-fast response to map requests.


• 3 databases: GeoJunxion Maps, OSM Maps, Aerial/Satellite Imagery.
• 4 custom map styles: GeoJunxion MapStyle, OSM Generic/Default, OSM Bright, OSM Bright with house numbers
• Map tiles are delivered following the Slippy Maps convention.



The OSM Map Tile Server will help to display business locations on a map within a company website, it will also show moving objects on a map within a track & trace application. And furthermore it will also Provide an overview to a company’s assets on a map, as well as include geospatial analysis results within a GIS solution



OSM Map Tile Server enables you to view online maps within websites or alternatively to view those maps hosted on premise through GIS software



The global projection system “WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator”, which is used in the map tiles is in decimal degrees (latitude and longitude) with WGS84 as datum, according to the spherical model used for computations. Its spatial reference id is EPSG:3857.



The Unicode character-set used in the names, is in UTF-8.



GeoJunxion, OSM: World
Aerial/Satellite Imagery: The Netherlands, Flanders (Belgium)


Getting started


With an API key you will be able to access the related API and if applicable your usage will be automatically tracked and billed. Just click on the “GET YOUR FREE API KEY” button above, to apply for a free trial. Your API key will be between 30 and 128 characters long.

For purchasing you can go to our pricing table.