GeoJunxion’s Administrative Boundaries are accurate representations of the administrative levels in a country. These are available from the country level down to the most detailed administrative level. Each individual layer covers the entire country, and the number of layers per country depends on how a country is subdivided. The borders of administrative areas align hierarchically with the higher and lower administrative areas.


• Coverage for each country includes administrative layers on all levels
• Names and borders of administrative areas are regularly updated in the GeoJunxion database.



• Geo-Boundaries are part of many use cases across various industry verticals
• Geo-Boundaries can be part of the solution for: geo-locating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace.



The most important benefit of using Geo-Boundaries, and in this case administrative boundaries, is the ‘point in polygon’ check, which is often used in geo-location solutions. Based on a object location provided by a device, like a GPS, it is possible to check in which administrative area this object is located.



The global projection system used in GeoJunxion data is in decimal degrees (latitude and longitude) with WGS84 as datum, according to the ellipsoid model used for computations. Its spatial reference id is EPSG:4326.



The Unicode character-set used in the names, is in UTF-8.



The following Geo-Boundaries are available in administrative boundaries:
• Admin 0 boundaries contain the highest administrative level in the hierarchy: the country
• Admin 1-7 boundaries contain smaller administrative divisions which per layer cover the complete country
• Admin 8 boundaries contain the lowest administrative level in the hierarchy. In most cases, the municipalities are included at this level.


Getting started


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